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Part 1: Mechanics

1.1 Analyzing Motion Using Diagrams

Motion Diagram    Motion Diagrams Problem

1.2 Analyzing Motion Using Graphs

Kinematics Graphs

1.3 Predicting Motion from Graphs

Kinematics Graphs

1.4 Predicting Motion from Equations

Predict Motion Equations

1.5 Problem-Solving Strategies for Kinematics

Problem Solve Strategy Graphs    Problem Solve Strategy Motion

1.6 Skier Races Downhill

Skier's Motion     Problem

1.7 Balloonist Drops Lemonade

Lemonade Drop Graph    Lemonade Drop MD    Lemonade Drop Motion    Lemonade Drop Problem 1    Lemonade Drop Problem 2   

1.8 Seat Belts Save Lives

Crate Slide    Collision Acceleration    Collision Acceleration Problem

1.9 Screeching to a Halt

Car Stop Distance    Car Stop Motion Diagrams    Car Stop Problem    Car Stop Reaction

1.10 Pole-Vaulter Lands

Pole-Vaulter Graph    Pole-Vaulter Motion    Pole-Vaulter Motion Diagram    Pole-Vaulter Problem

1.11 Car Starts, Then Stops

Car Start Stop Diagram    Car Start Stop Graph    Car Start Stop Problem    Car Start Stop Time

1.12 Solving Two-Vehicle Problems

Two-Vehicle Motion Description    Two-Vehicle Motion Diagrams    Two-Vehicle Motion Graphs    Two-Vehicle Numbers    Two-Vehicle Problem

1.13 Car Catches Truck

Car Catches Truck Graphs    Car Catches Truck Motion    Car Catches Truck Numbers    Car Catches Truck Problem

1.14 Avoiding a Rear-End Collision

Avoid Rear Collision    Avoid Rear Collision Graphs    Avoid Rear Collision Motion    Avoid Rear Collision Numbers

2.1.1 Force Magnitudes

Compare Force Magnitudes

2.1.2 Skydiver


2.1.3 Tension Change

Tension Change While Pulling

2.1.4 Sliding on an Incline

Sliding on Incline with Friction    Sliding on Incline without Friction

2.1.5 Car Race

Car Race

2.2 Lifting a Crate

Crate Up

2.3 Lowering a Crate

Lowering a Crate

2.4 Rocket Blasts Off


2.5 Truck Pulls Crate

Truck Pulls Crate

2.6 Pushing a Crate Up a Wall

Push Crate Up Wall

2.7 Skier Goes Down a Slope


2.8 Skier and Rope Tow

Ski Rope Tow

2.9 Pole-Vaulter Vaults


2.10 Truck Pills Two Crates

Truck Pulls Two Crates

2.11 Modified Atwood Machine

Modified Atwood Machine

3.1 Solving Projectile Motion Problems

Projectile Motion

3.2 Two Balls Falling

Two Balls Fall

3.3 Changing the x-Velocity

"What If" Questions

3.4 Projectile x- and y-Accelerations

Projectile x-and y-Accelerations

3.5 Initial Velocity Components

Initial Velocity Components

3.6 Target Practice I

Target Practice I

3.7 Target Practice II

Target Practice II

4.1 Magnitude of Centripetal Acceleration

Magnitude of centripetal acceleration    Acceleration Direction

4.2 Circular Motion Problem Solving

Circular Problem Solving

4.3 Cart Goes Over Circular Path

Cart Over Hump

4.4 Ball Swings on a String

Ball in circle – 1    Ball in circle – 2    Release Point

4.5 Car Circles a Track

Car on Level Track

4.6 Satellites Orbit

Orbital Motion Force    Orbital Motion Problem

5.1 Work Calculations

Calculating Work:Crate Going Down An Incline    Calculating Work:Crate Pulled Up An Incline    Calculating Work:Pendulum Problem    Calculating Work:Skydiver in Snow

5.2 Upward-Moving Elevator Stops

Upward-Moving Elevator Stops

5.3 Stopping a Downward-Moving Elevator

Stopping a Downward-Moving Elevator

5.4 Inverse Bungee Jumper

Inverse Bungee Jumper

5.5 Spring-Launched Bowler

Horizontal spring launch person bowling

5.6 Skier Speed

Skier Speed

5.7 Modified Atwood Machine

Modified Atwood Machine 1

6.1 Momentum and Energy Change

Momentum and Energy Change

6.2 Collisions and Elasticity

Collisions and Elasticity 1    Collisions and Elasticity 2    Collisions and Elasticity 3

6.3 Momentum Conservation and Collisions

Momentum Collision Energy Bar Chart    Momentum Collision Energy Numeric    Momentum Collision Problem    Momentum Collision Px Bar Chart    Momentum Collision Px Numeric    Momentum Collision Py Numeric

6.4 Collision Problems

Collision Problems 1    Collision Problems 2    Collision Problems 3

6.5 Car Collisions: Two Dimensions

Car Collision

6.6 Saving an Astronaut

Saving an Astronaut Answer    Saving an Astronaut Problem

6.7 Explosion Problems


6.8 Skier and Cart

Vibro-Ride Bar Charts    Vibro-Ride Problem    Vibro-Ride Values    Vibro-Ride

6.9 Pendulum Bashes Box

Pendulum Bashes Box 1    Pendulum Bashes Box 2    Pendulum Bashes Box 3    Pendulum Bashes Box Problem    Pendulum Bashes Box All    Pendulum Bashes Box

6.10 Pendulum Person-Projectile Bowling

Pendulum Person-Projectile Bowling

7.1 Calculating Torques

Horizontal Beam Forces    Horizontal Beam Rope Force and Torque    Horizontal Beam Brick Force and Torque    Horizontal Beam Pin Force and Torque    Horizontal Beam Adjust Rope

7.2 A Tilted Beam: Torques and Equilibrium

A Tilted Beam: Torques and Equilibrium

7.3 Arm Levers

The Triceps Pushing System    The Biceps Lifting System

7.4 Two Painters on a Beam


7.5 Lecturing from a Beam

Lecturing from a Beam

7.6 Rotational Inertia

Rotational inertia of point masses on massless rod    Translational Acceleration    Rotation Acceleration

7.7 Rotational Kinematics

Rotational Kinematics:Angular Acceleration     Rotational Kinematics:Angular Position    Rotational Kinematics:Angular Velocity    Rotational Kinematics:Problem

7.8 Rotoride-Dynamics Approach

RotoRide Dynamics and Energy Approach

7.9 Falling Ladder

Falling Ladder Answer    Falling Ladder Problem

7.10 Woman and Flywheel Elevator—Dynamics Approach

Woman and Flywheel Elevator

7.11 Race Between a Block and a Disk

Disk Block Race

7.12 Woman and Flywheel Elevator-Energy Approach

Woman and Flywheel Elevator

7.13 Rotoride-Energy Approach

RotoRide Dynamics and Energy Approach

7.14 Ball Hits Bat

Ball Hits Bat

9.1 Position Graphs and Equations

Vibrations:position vibration:A    Vibrations:position vibration:F    Vibrations:position vibration:phi    Vibrations:position vibration:QA

9.2 Describing Vibrational Motion

Vibrations: describe vibrational motion

9.3 Vibrational Energy

Vibrational Energy 1    Vibrational Energy 2    Vibrational Energy 3

9.4 Two Ways to Weigh Young Tarzan

Two Ways to Weigh Young Tarzan

9.5 Ape Drops Tarzan

Ape Drops Tarzan

9.6 Releasing a Vibrating Skier I

Releasing a Vibrating Skier

9.7 Releasing a Vibrating Skier II

Releasing a Vibrating Skier

9.8 One- and Two-Spring Vibrating Systems

One- and Two-Spring Vibrating Systems 1    One- and Two-Spring Vibrating Systems 2

9.9 Vibro-Ride

Vibro-Ride 1    Vibro-Ride 2

9.10 Pendulum Frequency

Pendulum Frequency 1    Pendulum Frequency 2

9.11 Risky Pendulum Walk

Risky Pendulum Walk

9.12 Physical Pendulum

The Physical Pendulum 1    The Physical Pendulum 2

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